Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whole 30 - Day 9

some food and body thoughts from noe...

my belly was angry this morning... it's either a bug (with the encouragement of our administrative assistant I decided to work from home, just in case) or something I ate. I was able to eat something at every meal today, but there continued to be an uneasiness in my belly. I find these kind of days to be frustrating. As the day has continued, I do really think it's a food reaction and that the puniness that followed was me failing to catch up to good hydration.

So other than being sick this morning, how am I feeling after the first week of this food challenge? Pretty good. My sinus congestion, while still present, seems to be lessening. I haven't had any headaches. I'm full between meals. I'm sleeping more soundly. I have identified my cravings for sweets (specifically chocolate and cookies) and have realized I'm never actually hungry when I crave those things--weird--it's totally connected to my emotions or boredom. (does anyone else eat when they're bored?)

I don't think eating this way is very difficult when you can cook for yourself. We've had plenty of tasty meals and they actually don't require a slice of bread to be complete. Who knew?! I do think if we ate out more I'd struggle with this challenge. I hate being the person at the table that asks a million questions. I wish menu's had to be written out with nutritional and ingredient information the way grocery store labels are. oh well...

Today's Menu

breakfast: green smoothie and a hard boiled egg.

lunch: leftovers from last night

dinner: a salad with apples and almonds, roasted beets, and Nom Nom Paleo's Tandoori Chicken (I went the coconut milk route. I didnt have tandoori spices, so i mixed Penzey's singapore seasoning with garam masala--it smelled good)

snack: nut-ola and whipped coconut milk

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