Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Whole 30 Endings

hello there, I kind of fell of the blogging truck at the end there. We did end our Whole 30 a few days early sue to various work events surrounding food. Still, we tried to add in things not all at once.

The first day, we visited Proper Pie (yum!) for savory meat pies and a shared blueberry apple pie (we each actually only had one bite of dessert-it seemed super sweet to me!) Right after lunch I got irritating itchy bumps on the insides of my cheeks. What I noticed later that day was that I had some acid reflux issues, also I didn't sleep as well that night.

On super bowl Sunday we took a veggie tray with guac to avoid chips, but I couldn't resist dipping carrots and cucumbers into the spicy cheese dip. Having grown up in Texas, I have a soft spot for queso. What I noticed in the hours that followed was an uncomfortable bloating and fullness. The next morning my stomach was not in a good mood.

We've had a few bites of sweet treats and have noticed a filmy feeling in our mouths.

After eating yogurt, my sinuses were irritated.

Overall, I think we'd like to keep eating this way most of the time, it just feels better. We both noted that we didn't need to use advil in January, we slept well, we had energy, and we snacked less between meals because the food was filling longer term, we both also lost a little over 10 pounds. As far as I'm concerned, that's a success. It's also weird because I'm not craving the desserts and cheese in the ways I was a few weeks ago (maybe because they could technically be allowed now, but I know how they make me feel?)

so in our kitchen for tomorrow morning I have chicken marinating in blood orange juice, coconut oil, and some spices. Tomorrow I'll bake it to serve on a salad with beets, orange slices, avocado, and some toasted nuts.