Monday, January 14, 2013

Whole 30 - Day 8

Today's Menu

breakfast: purple smoothies, nut-ola, whipped coconut milk, and frozen berries
(Noe made a first pass at "paleo pancakes," but they were, umm, kind of gross. . . flavor was nice, but we couldn't get past the texture)

lunch: (Noe): leftover carrot and fennel soup topped with warmed almonds and pancetta, a salad with avocado, smoked trout, olives, almonds, and homemade dressing
(Jess): leftover kitchen sink soup, some carrots, an apple, and an orange (Jess ate on the go before teaching a class, and yes, she's still hungry. . .)

dinner: delicata squash stuffed with apples, sausage, pecans, and kale (it was delightful!!)

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