Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whole 30 - Day 11

Well, I kind of forgot to do lunch as I woke up late, ran all my errands in the middle of the day and then spent an hour prepping beef stew, so I was just a snacker. I will say that I love love love going to Belmont Butchery to buy meat. Tanya, the butcher, is awesome. She's answers all kinds of questions, explains every possible method for cooking something. I'm a big fan of her and her butcher shop. Another one of those I *heart* RVA moments.

On a completely different not, I'm craving chocolate like nobody's business. I swear whole foods was forcing the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies through their ventilation system! This is a good reminder for me that desserts seem to be my food addiction (and go to comfort food). When we're done with this whole thing, I hope I don't crave them in the same way, even though I'm sure I'll still want to eat cookies. They're just so good. But hey, I can do anything for a month.

Today's Menu

breakfast: purple smoothie and hard boiled egg

lunch (jess): salad with tuna cakes

snacks (noe): 2 clemmies, some almond butter, half an avocado

dinner: beef stew and salad

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