Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday we got married! (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today we hosted a birthday dinner for our friend Loretta. We had lasagna for dinner and I'd been told that Loretta likes tiramisu. Now, I've never made tiramisu, and it ended up being a pretty busy weekend, so I decided to make a tiramisu inspired cake!

It was chocolate cake moistened with a coffee syrup. The filling was tiramisu's cream that is made with marscapone. (I added orange extract for an extra zing.) It was frosted with orange flavored seven minute frosting. Then I dipped lady fingers in the coffee syrup and lined the perimeter of the cake with them. To finish, I shaved dark chocolate with the microplane for a garnish.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy dessert, so it went fabulous as far as I'm concerned! :)

What a great weekend! HOORAY


  1. That cake looks wonderful. What a fun way to commemorate a special occasion.

  2. just wanted to drop by and see who won my giveaway...will send email to address in your profile also...congratulations on your marriage!!
    and you may not believe this (i sure dont!) but i have 2 exact same Beardsley pictures hanging in my sewing room! and hanging in the exact same arrangement! wow!!

  3. Jenny, that's crazy! and so fun :) Thanks again, I never win things, so it's pretty exciting!