Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nom nom nom

yesterday our friend e. was certified ready to receive a call in the pcusa. that's an exciting step in the world of presby seminarians seeking ordination and we were very excited for her (she will make a fantabulous minister). she called to see if we wanted to join her for pizza, but we had other stuff going, so made a date to toast and celebrate later in the evening. of course, after the conversation, all i wanted to do was eat pizza!

yessie made dough :) and i went to the store for goodies to top the pizza with. we don't do much cow milk around here (in fact most days we eat a vegan diet) so i went hunting for goat and sheep cheese. when i came home, i sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and made a pizza sauce from some leftover canned tomatoes that were hoping for a home in our bellies rather than the fridge. the smells were sooo yummy (nom nom nom!) and the pizzas were great. one had red sauce and the other had a mixture of yessie's homemade arugula pesto and white garlic sauce we purchased at the farmer's market. there are pictures over there in the picassa album.

today is three years of commitment, affection, passion, frustration, joy, sorrow, love, and life with yessie. our days are full of rituals that border on the magnificent and the mundane. i love the coffee we share in the morning, i love the meals we share at night. i love all the conversations, activities, and intimacy that come in between those things, and i love nuzzling next to her at night. it is a joy to share my life with her.

the indigo girls have a lovely little song called the power of two... i appreciate this line: the closer i'm bound in love to you, the closer i am to free

i hope december 2 is a lovely day for you. tonight we babysit vegetables!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Noeeyyy & Yesssieee...
    lots of love to you both this special day! <3